Arsenal certainly want to win and crawl into the top four which they have worked so hard for. Moreover, Mikel Arteta 's squad has never lost in the last five matches. An additional three points can make the Gunners can shift Manchester United from fourth position.

For Mikel Arteta himself, victory is a fixed price. Especially if his team still wants to compete with other big Premier League teams .

"To be able to compete with big teams, you have to be consistent in winning," he said."Not only winning, but it has to be done in a convincing way. The most important thing now is how we play on Sunday."

Leicester City too. They also aim to win to move up to a better rank.However, their recent record has not been as good as Arsenal 's . So, the Fox must be vigilant.

There is one thing about Leicester City that Arsenal forwards need to pay attention to , namely their back line.Leicester City 's back line statistics are quite good in the last few games.

In the middle of last week Leicester played well when they beat Rennes in the Europa Conference League party.In total in the last 3 matches, the Foxes not only won but also managed to decorate it with a clean sheet .