The bigmatch duel between AC Milan vs Juventus in the 23rd week of the Italian Serie A 2021-2022 will be held on Monday (24/01/2022) at 02.45 WIB. This prestige requirement duel will take place at the San Siro Stadium.


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Tickets to the Champions League are at stake for Juventus in the match later. Meanwhile for AC Milan this match is like a final to continue to overshadow Inter Milan at the top of the standings.

The result of the match is not 100 percent decisive because there are still more matches left after that. However, with intense competition, the losing team is expected to find it increasingly difficult to compete.

Currently both teams are still in the top 5 of the Italian Serie A standings. AC Milan occupies the runner-up position with a collection of 48 points from 22 matches. While Juventus fills 5th position with 41 points, one point adrift of Atalanta in 4th position.

The tight competition will have a bad impact on the team that loses the duel later. Therefore there is no other word other than victory for both teams to fight for.

Especially for Juve, whose record was stopped by Inter last season and was scattered at the start of this season. The same thing happened for the Rossoneri. Their appearance is very disheveled when entering the second half of this season.

This can be proven if you compare how Milan performed in the first half and the second half of last season. It also made Milan in the end failed to compete in the race for the Scudetto even though it had become a champion at the beginning of the season.