Since 2007 until now, Copa America has only had the Super Classic final between Brazil and Argentina. Worth mentioning, Messi was the only witness in Argentina's 0-3 defeat to his rival 14 years ago. Since the Copa can kick knock-out, the two teams have only met 2 times in the final. As a result, Brazil was the winning team in 2004 and 2007. 

Worth mentioning, also at the Copa playground, Selecao won the last 5 times against Argentina. In the Copa 2019 semi-finals, also at home, Tite's teachers and students had an easy 2-0 victory over La Albiceleste.

In the last encounter when playing a friendly after Copa 2019, Argentina won 1-0 with a goal from Messi. In the past 10 years, the two teams have had 12 encounters with the result that Brazil won 6, drew 2 and lost 4 matches. However, if counted in official tournaments, Selecao is unbeaten, winning 5/7 recent South American Super Classics. In the last 3 matches against Argentina in official tournaments in the past 10 years, Brazil won 2 and drew 1 and all 3 matches kept the net. At the Copa playground alone, Brazil is also unbeaten, winning 5/6 matches against Argentina and having 4/6 matches keeping the net. In all arenas, Selecao won 24, drew 7 and lost 8 when receiving the great rival.